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The SOF Tactical Tourniquet – Wide is the result of two years research of user feedback and laboratory study and builds on the success of the original SOFTT. Weighing only 90g the SOFTT-W is light, compact, robust and easy to apply. The SOFTT-W is ideal for use by all military and civilian medical providers. The SOFTT-W is easy to learn to use and is re-usable. High-strength light-weight components are used throughout; ensuring reliability in the most demanding of circumstances and on the largest of limbs. The simple clip and buckle allow for rapid application of the strap without needing to re-route it, yet provide a highly secure fastening. This makes the SOFTT-W easier to use under stress and reduces the application time, resulting in reduced blood loss and better patient care. The SOFTT-W uses a high strength aircraft aluminium windlass, virtually eliminating the risk of windlass failure and there is no Velcro anywhere, so the SOFTT-W can perform when wet, muddy, sandy or frozen.

Size: One size
Shipper Qty: 100
Pricing Unit: Each
Minimum Order: 1
Price: £40.32
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