AeroBan Cohesive & EAB

AeroBan Cohesive Bandage is a premium quality bandage useful in hundreds of different scenarios, providing care givers with the unique attributes of the ability to stick to itself and not stick to skin. This product can be torn to size easily, eradicating the use of scissors. The cohesive bandage is ideal for retention of dressings and general support. AeroBan Elastic Adhesive bandage (EAB) is a lightweight strapping bandage that can be used for ankle taping, knee taping, hand taping and wrist taping. It is frequently used by sports physios in the prevention and treatment of sprained ankles. Its high quality ensures that it unrolls smoothly and conforms to the body easily.

This range is:
Hypo Allergenic Symbol      

Image displaying AeroBan Cohesive & EAB high quality bandages both rolled up and unrolled.
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