Patient Transfer, Thermal Protection, Signage & Publications

The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 require employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work. These regulations apply to all workplaces including those with less than five employees and to the self-employed. What is ‘adequate and appropriate’ will depend on the circumstances in the workplace. Aero Healthcare products provide all that is needed to equip a First Aid Room when required. This section includes products for patient transfer, furnishings, consumables, thermal protection, stationery and signage.

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View of an individual on a Stretcher waiting to be lifted into a parked helicopter.

Patient Transfer

Image displaying a patient secured to a stretcher next to a parked up emergency helicopter.

Thermal Protection

Image displaying a patient on a stretcher wrapped in thermal protection sheets.

Signage & Publications

Image displaying a range of Green Self Adhesive Wall Signs.