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Everything needed to make safe a discarded needle and hygienically clean up the site. Follow the steps below to prevent a needlestick injury and minimise the risk of biological contamination. Step 1 – put on protective clothing, apron and gloves Step 2 – pick up syringe with tongs, carefully separate needle into sharps container using internal petal aperture and the place the syringe in the biohazard waste bag. Step 3 – close the container lid and place in the biohazard bag Step 4 – sprinkle the absorbent granules over the spill area and wait for the gel to form Step 5 – remove the gel using the scoop and scraper and place in the waste bag Step 6 – spray area with disinfectant, clean with the dry wipe and place in the biohazard bag Step 7 – remove the apron and the gloves and place in the biohazard bag Step 8 – wipe hands using the disinfectant wipe, place in the waste bad and dispose on bag in accord with local regulations

Size: 24.5 x 27 x 9cm
Shipper Qty: 10
Pricing Unit: Each
Minimum Order: 1
Price: £54.81
 excl. VAT

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