Gauze, Swabs & Cotton Wool

Covering all the remaining needs of wound care and first aid is the AeroOur range of cotton gauze, cotton wool, and non-woven balls and swabs come in both sterile and non-sterile options. Utilised in a vast range of different medical situations, these products are supplied in large quantities across the UK National Health Service (NHS) and throughout the world. Aero Healthcare is a wholesale supplier and manufacturer of medical solutions for a variety of workplaces and sectors.

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Image displaying an individual applying Cotton Wool to their damaged hand using a pair of long tweezers.

Cotton Wool

View of various different Cotton Wool products in different shapes and sizes.

AeroSwab Gauze Swabs

View of two different sized packets of AeroSwab Gauze Swabs.

AeroSwab Non-Woven Swabs & Balls

View of three different packets of non-woven swabs and balls from the AeroSwab range.