EMS Empty Bags

AeroCase products are specifically designed for the Emergency Services. Every AeroCase® bag and backpack is made of red, blue and grey tarpaulin material – AeroTex® – and features yellow light reflective stripes. The Robust substrate is coated on both sides, is sterilizable and extremely tear resistant complying with DIN 53359 and DIN 75200. AeroCase products provide generous storage space with a variety of outer pockets, additional inner pockets and good partitions. The reinforced frame and upholstery provide superior protection against damage for the equipment within. Fast access is facilitated by easy to open zips and good accessible inner and outer pockets. Ergonomically attached reinforced handles, wide padded belts and straps, shoulder and/or back straps ensure longevity and comfortable carrying whether on the shoulder or back.

View of multiple EMS Empty Bags in different sizes and colours.
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