First Aid Kits, Bags, Cases & Cabinets

In the AeroKit range you will find an extremely comprehensive selection of first aid kits covering all needs. This includes standard HSE compliant kits, the new workplace first aid kits, rated to BS 8599:1 2011, the British Standard travel kits, sports kits and other sector specific solutions. 

The AeroKit range is manufactured by us, and we provide wholesale medical solutions to a variety of businesses across the UK and internationally. 


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Image displaying an open Green First Aid Kit Box with a bright light emerging from inside.

Economy First Aid Kits

Image displaying multiple Economy First Aid Kits and their contents.

Premium First Aid Kits

Image displaying two Premium First Aid Kit boxes, one open and one closed.

Select First Aid Kits

Image displaying multiple Select First Aid Kit Boxes in 3 alternative colours.

Sports First Aid Kits

Image displaying a Sports First Aid Kit bag with all of it's contents laid out in front of it.

First Aid Kit Refills

Image displaying a range of First Aid Kit Refill Supplies.

Empty First Aid Boxes & Metal Cabinets

Image displaying two empty first aid kit boxes, one open and one closed.

Empty Bags & Pouches

Image displaying a Large Green Empty First Aid Bag.

Tactical First Aid Bags & Pouches

View of multiple tactical first aid bags and pouches.

EMS Empty First Aid Bags and Backpacks

View of multiple EMS Empty Bags in different sizes and colours.