Basic Life Support (BLS) Training Products

Aero Healthcare is an enthusiastic supporter of the increase in public awareness of Basic Life Saving Support (BLS). We are, therefore, pleased to present this excellent range of BLS training products, available for wholesale purchase. These are applicable to professional and lay rescuers alike.

Our company goal is to reduce preventable deaths, and our range of BLS training products does just that, providing everyone with an opportunity to learn the basics of life support.

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Image displaying a Male Medical Professional demonstrating basic life saving techniques on a mannequin.

Laerdal Manikins

View of a Laerdal Manikin Set showing the manikin dressed and undressed, a carry bag and accessories.

Brayden Manikins

View of two hands performing CPR on a Brayden Manikin with the Brayden logo in the top right of the image.