AeroPlast Washproof - Vend

AeroPlast Plastic is a wash proof sheer plaster and is recommended for all general applications, with strong latex free, hypo-allergenic adhesive and a soft cushioned nonadherent pad for comfort, cleanliness and ease of removal. AeroPlast Plastic is made of unique materials that bend, stretch and conform to different shapes and forms. It is air permeable which allows the wound to breathe as it heals. Plastic Fingertip & Knuckle dressings are specially designed for awkward areas. AeroPlast Plastic Extra-wide is recommended where a larger pad and dressing is required.

This range is:
Sterile Symbol      Hypo Allergenic Symbol      Latex Free Symbol

Image displaying three different sized boxes of AeroPlast Washproof - Vend Adhesive Plasters.
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