Adhesive Plasters, Dressings & Tapes

Aero Healthcare has a strong reputation for advanced plasters and wound care. Our superior medical adhesives, backings and wound pads are the foundation of this comprehensive range of adhesive plaster bandages, adhesive island dressings, wound closures, film dressings and medical adhesive tapes. Find out more about our wholesale dressings, plasters and tapes in more detail below. Each range is described in detail in the relevant section.

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Image displaying an individual holding a screwdriver with an Adhesive Plaster on their finger,

Adhesive Plasters

View of an individuals hand plugging in some wiring with one finger wrapped in an Adhesive Plaster.

Adhesive Dressings

View of three Adhesive Dressings on an individuals hand as well as an unopened box of Dressings.

Adhesive Medical Tapes

View of an individuals hand with a Medical Dressing attached to it with Adhesive Medical Tape.