Top tips to increase the sales of your first aid products


First aid products are a necessity for businesses and consumers across the UK, and there is great earning potential in the sale of these products. Recognising the potential within your client base is key to increasing your sales significantly, that's why we've compiled these tips to maximise your earnings.

Identify your clients' needs

Every sector and industry has different first aid requirements, i.e office workers are at considerably lower risk of injury than industrial workers. By understanding your clients' needs you can provide them with the necessary products and not over or undersupply them.

Educate yourself

By educating yourself extensively on the products you offer, you can tailor every order to the customer's needs. With expert knowledge, you can reinforce the requirement for certain products and justify them against the hazards in their workplace.

Work personally with your customers

Building strong B2B relationships puts more trust in you as a distributor, allows you to find logistical solutions that suit your customer and allows for opportunities like standing orders to come into place for consumables.

Provide price stability

Providing long term price stability increases the lifetime value of your customers. First aid equipment does not always have a large budget in businesses and can be tightly controlled making procurement a headache for your customers' first aid administrators. By providing long term price stability you make the procurement process faster for your customers and streamline your sales processes.

Expand outwards

New business is always beneficial, run strategic campaigns to attract new customers to the products you stock.

If you'd like personal advice on how to increase your sales, our dedicated account managers are always on hand to provide you with the technical know-how to impress your clients. 

Our website is always up to date with product information, on and offline marketing materials, datasheets and imagery to allow you to make successful tenders for large government and corporate supply projects.

Our Digital Marketing Division provides professional Social Media templates, simplifying your marketing strategies across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

We are always innovating in the digital marketplace and we want your business to succeed. That is why we work closely with all of our distributors, helping them to tailor their services to their clients' requests.

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