Three Key Benefits of Choosing a National Framework


Procurement for emergency services can be a long and resource-heavy process. In the public sector equal opportunity laws have a direct effect on competition, significantly increasing time and cost when searching for a supplier. With the Brexit deadline scheduled for the end of October, and a huge question mark hanging over the UK, being part of a stable framework that allows for accurate forecasting is more important than ever. 

In these uncertain times readymade national frameworks are the perfect vehicle for efficient procurement cycles, allowing for long-term peace of mind and security for busy emergency service leaders. Here are three key reasons they are a great choice for UK services in the near and long-term future. 

Simplicity and speed 
Readymade national frameworks are pre-negotiated agreements with pre-appointed distributors and suppliers. This simple foundation significantly reduces cost and necessary man hours for public sector organisations. When there is an on-boarding process in place, a smooth transition onto the framework is also guaranteed, further reducing the work and complexity of getting started. At Aero Healthcare, for instance, we use an established start up process, interacting with each participating authority to ensure our solutions fit their unique requirements. We also complete detailed assessments to evaluate current stock and forward production schedules, ensuring increases in demand are easily absorbed during contracted periods. 

Price stability
With an uncertain future looming over Britain, the long-term price stability of readymade frameworks is essential for emergency services looking to maintain costs over the next few years. By making procurement simpler and eliminating the need for a costly tendering process, we allow emergency services to concentrate on what they do best. With a complex layer of laws and regulations also guarding the procurement process, a readymade framework ensures total compliance and less time spent working on administrative tasks. 

Continuous product innovation and bespoke solutions
The very nature of emergency services is constant change and unpredictability. We mirror the nature of your work with a flexible, bespoke approach to solution delivery, ensuring that arising issues - such as terrorist incidents and changes in policy - are not met unprepared. We constantly innovate and embrace emerging technology when developing new products, leveraging the strength of our supply chain to ensure all emergency services have instant access to essential medical supplies and consumables, no matter the political and financial climate of the UK. 

Why Aero?
Since 2009 Aero Healthcare has supplied the Metropolitan Police Service and other large segments of the UK’s emergency services with life-saving devices and medical consumables. The retender in 2013 opened up the framework to all blue light services in the UK and in 2018 Aero was reappointed to the framework. This allows us to continue to offer a simple, streamlined procurement process to critical national services, offering stability during the political and economic uncertainty of Brexit. 
In 2011, via a separate national framework, Aero began supplying Scotland’s councils with high quality equipment. In 2018, the retender extended the invitation to join the framework to all 32 councils. Currently we work with more than 90% of Scottish councils, leveraging our global supply chain and transportation system to deliver crucial products and equipment when and where it is needed, allowing these important institutions to keep costs down and provide exemplary service to the public. 

For more information on choosing a national framework during these uncertain times, take a look at our guide, Navigating Procurement in the Emergency Services, or read our guide for Scottish councils.

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