The essential guide to choosing your first aid supplier


When faced with the task of choosing the right first aid supplier for your company, it can be a challenge to understand what you’re looking for in the first instance. Below, we cover the most common questions on the subject, and highlight what you should be looking for.


Research the supplier, is it a large company with the capacity to produce and maintain appropriate stock levels? Is it established enough to have contingency procedures in place to ensure constant product availability? Does it have an extensive product range offering you all your company needs, and is its product range up-to-date and innovative, ensuring you’re being offered the best the market has to offer?
At Aero, we manufacture our own proprietary branded products, have control over our own research and design, and our supply chain. We also use a quality management system certified to ISO 13485: 2016 by SGS UK Ltd. This gives us complete control over product supply, as well as being able to offer consumers the most cutting edge, highest quality products.  

Service level agreements:

Best practices include negotiating and reaching a consensus with your chosen supplier on the service level suppliers must deliver. Both parties should agree on a service level agreement that is measurable, achievable and relevant.

Background check:

Dedicating a small amount of time to take a dive into a supplier’s pricing and financial history gives insight into how stable the company is. It’s preferable to choose a supplier with a history of steady financials and pricing. These companies present lower risk than suppliers with unpredictable futures.

Using recommendations: Gathering information from other consumers can be very valuable in terms of understanding what level of service you can expect from a supplier. Visiting a trusted review platform is the best way to access verified reviews from real customers. Trustpilot is a good place to start, the site hosts reputable reviews of businesses worldwide, inclusive of first aid suppliers.

Check out our Ultimate Guide for more a deep dive into Aero’s products and services, as well as how to navigate the industry.

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