The best hand and surface wipe on the market; but was it really an accident?


When asking an Aero Healthcare manager how they came up with the first natural fibre, bio-degradable, fully recyclable wipe, the response was: ‘well… that was a bit of an accident!’ So, I had to find out more…
Aero Healthcare are passionate and determined to uphold the company’s mission to Reduce Preventable Deaths. And, when you realise what goes into the development of each and every Aero Healthcare product, you fully understand that this exceptional hand and surface wipe, did not become what it is ‘by accident’. It was inspired and created by thorough complex research and exacting development procedures. 

The ‘accident’ was, that at the time of development, no-one had realised how unique the final product was going to be. But, Aero Healthcare had listened to customer frustrations, and their requirements for disposable wipes, before creating the wipes to fit a need.  That is every customer need, and not just some of them! The result was the creation of first natural fibre, bio-degradable, fully recyclable wipe on the market.

The development of the biodegradable wipes

But this is just a disposal wipe, so can it really be that complex?  On talking to Reuben Gilmore and Carl Gilmore who played instrumental parts in the development of these biodegradable wipes, I can confirm that the answer to that question is yes!
As a global leader in the First Aid and Consumer Wound Care sector; the detailed development research, and subsequent design specification was specific and complex.  And importantly, it was determined by customer needs to ensure that the wipes really did tick all the boxes.

Reuben and Carl explained that their findings strongly demonstrated, that the best way to clean and maintain safety, is to use a disposable wipe. And in every conversation came the question; “What have you got that will comply with CSR?”

How do the biodegradable wipes comply with CSR?

Carl who heads up the research hub for Aero Healthcare explained, that the more research they did, the more they realised they had to do.  And from here the ‘must-haves’ were identified:

  • The product and the packaging had to be eco-friendly to meet CSR requirements

  • The product had to be alcohol free: especially important as alcohol on hands can provide false readings on some equipment 

  • It needed to be anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-viral, with the ability to kill envelope viruses, such as Coronavirus

  • The wipe material had to be durable for use across all work and leisure environments

  • It had to be food safe

  • The wipe must be suitable for both hand and surface cleaning 

It was the combination of all of these stipulations that gave Aero Healthcare’s bio-degradable wipes their unique status.   But how exactly is this biodegradable wipe, that is now being deployed worldwide with state of the art logistics, heads above the competition? 

It is made from compostable biodegradable fibres and manufactured to the highest quality standard marks.  The packaging, including the plastic seal cap, is 100% recyclable; enabling full compliance with CSR requirements. 

They are tested to European Standard efficacies; including bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, chemical disinfectants and sanitation capabilities, and achieve a 99.99% kill success rate.  The multipurpose wipes are hand safe and food safe and provide complete protection on surfaces too.   

Do they provide safety assurance and prevent unnecessary waste? 

In addition, the antibacterial and virucidal lotions impregnated in the wipe material, remain active for three years before expiring.  The first wipe to provide this safety assurance and prevent unnecessary waste due to short term expiry dates.
The strong natural fibre material is 45gsm, making them durable and suitable for the toughest working areas. They are soft and kind on hands; whilst being robust for all working conditions ranging from construction through to manufacturing, hospitality and catering, or for use in offices. 

And as for alcohol free, although alcohol is widely recognised as being good for killing all manner of nasties, the antibacterial and virucidal lotions in Aero Healthcare’s biodegradable wipes, provide a superior and more comprehensive 99.99% kill success result.

So to sum up, by answering a market need and listening to customer feedback, Aero Healthcare have once again, developed a product that is truly unique. An amazing result all round!

For more information on our Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Wipe contact us today or call +44 845 604 8280 

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