Study finds cprINSIGHT significantly improves chance of SCA survival


In a recent study published in the Resuscitation Journal, the accuracy and clinical benefit of a new AED algorithm, cprINSIGHT – which analyses chest compressions during CPR – has been found to have significantly improved the quality of CPR administered during cardiac emergencies.

Study method

Amsterdam police and firefighters used a conventional AED in 2017/18 and an AED with cprINSIGHT in 2018/2019. 
In 2018, cprINSIGHT was used during SCA emergencies. The cprINSIGHT technology, using a unique algorithm that determines whether an SCA victim requires support, allowed researchers to compare between ordinary CPR and CPR aided by cprINSIGHT.


AEDs with cprINSIGHT analysed chest compressions in 70% of SCA cases. Compared to conventional AEDs, cprINSIGHT led to a significant reduction in pauses during CPR – a leading factor in increasing the chance of survival from cardiac arrest.

Introducing the Lifepak CR2

The Lifepak CR2 is currently the only defibrillator with cprINSIGHT. Powerful and easy-to-use, its continuous self-monitoring ensures devices and responders are always prepared to deliver swift, lifesaving treatment. It also provides simple graphics, audible instructions and automated features to help users remain focused when it matters the most.

For more information on the lifesaving features of the Lifepak CR2, download the infosheet.

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