Spring Newsletter Roundup


Welcome to our Spring newsletter round up

As we welcome the first rays of sun, at last, we wanted to share with you to the first edition of the Aero Healthcare newsletter. Read on and discover: 
  • How you can get involved with our latest campaigns
  • A sample of some of our articles in the press
  • Recent success stories
  • Details about our latest familiarisation training session
  • Preview of Q2 promotions

How you can save a life

Most recently, we’ve launched a campaign that aims to increase end-user awareness around the use and importance of defibrillators. 

Part of this has involved our newly developed informative guide, titled: "Defibrillators - how you can save a life." In the guide you and your customers can learn:
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest stats and facts
  • Who should have a defibrillator - and how to use it
  • Maintenance tips
  • Key considerations when purchasing a defibrillato
Aero Defibrillator Guide - How you can save a lift

There are options for you to use this guide in your marketing and we can support your sales in other ways too. Please get in touch to find out more.

We’ve hit the headlines

In case you missed it, we’ve been making waves in the press by sharing key details about the use of defibrillators.

In addition, we’ve been sharing details about how anyone, at anytime, anywhere can be struck down by a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

Our latest case studies

Just some of the ways our distributor network has helped to make a difference….


Recognised PPE and workwear supplier Safpro identified a need to penetrate new first aid markets in 2013, and partnered with Aero Healthcare to reach its growth goals.

We helped it develop and enhance its first aid range by introducing wound care products, and streamlined its processes when working on tender submissions.

The results? Safpro has since achieved its growth targets with first aid sales yielding 84% growth.

Damian Jones, procurement manager at Safpro, said: “Aero are a dynamic organisation that are keen to grow your business as much as theirs. Quick responses and competitive pricing are what makes Aero the number one for first aid in our company.”

Nisbets Catering Equipment

Established in 1983, Nisbets is seen as one of the forerunners in UK catering equipment supplies.

In 2007, Nisbets began working with Aero Healthcare, as it wanted to achieve additional growth.

This led to Aero Healthcare contributing to its 25,000+ products in its range, and enabled Nisbets to achieve 40% growth in its first aid category over a four-year period.

  How we help distributors to grow >>

Our latest familiarisation session with Network Rail 

Who: QHSE managers from Network Rail
When: 26th March 2018
Where: MK Dons Stadium, Milton Keynes

Our commercial director, Oscar Palmer, presented an introduction to Aero Healthcare to 150+ Network Rail team members, shared key information and statistics around sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) attacks and performed a hands on demonstration of how to use a defibrillator and conduct CPR on a mannequin.

In addition, all attendees had the opportunity to use a defibrillator and perform CPR.

The purpose was to raise awareness of SCA attacks and how defibrillators can mean the difference between someone surviving or dying. The session also showed that the devices can be used by anyone - not just a trained medical professional - and the feedback received on the session was excellent.


Save 40% on our Swab products

We have some exciting promotions coming up which you can take full advantage of. Currently, you can enjoy savings of up to 40% on selected products from our leading swab range. But only whilst stocks last. 

Interested? Call our sales team today to discuss this offer and place your order!

  Call today on 0845 604 8280

But that's not it. Over the next quarter we'll also be running promotions on other key products your customers will be looking for. Specifically our hot and cold range - perfect for treating sports and athletic strains or sprains - and our burns range.

Watch this space! 

We hope you have enjoyed this edition of our first Aero newsletter. As always, we are here to help with any questions you have relating to medical, first aid and defibrillation supplies. 

Feel free to reach us on 0845 604 8280 or at sales@aerohealthcare.co.uk with any other questions or feedback you have.

Many thanks,
The Aero Healthcare Team

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