Road Safety Week 2017: First Aid Points You Should Know


Remember STOPLOOKLISTEN? Do you wait for the green man, look 3 times before crossing, listen for oncoming traffic? This advice is important as part of accident prevention, but there is little information on what to do in the event of a road-related emergency.

This week is Road Safety Awareness Week (20-26th November 2017) and the following, straightforward first aid advice could be the difference between life and death.

If someone is seriously injured in a road accident it is vital they receive help before emergency services arrive! Knowing some simple first aid skills can help you make a big difference to the person’s chances of survival. Like if someone is unresponsive but breathing, just putting them in the recovery position can save their life.

What can you do to help after a roadside accident?

If the scene is not safe, think what else you can do instead? Get help from bystanders at least. It's better than doing nothing.

Call 999 or get a bystander to do it.

Initially, look around for anyone who may have life-threatening injuries. Normally it’s someone who has fallen silent who needs help first. Whilst giving first aid, reassure the person and help them stay calm. Let them know that further help is on the way.

If someone is bleeding heavily:

Put pressure on the wound with whatever is to hand, like a jumper or coat, to stop or slow down the blood flow as much as possible. Keep pressure on the wound until the Emergency Services arrive.

If someone is unresponsive:

Check their breathing by tilting their head back and looking/feeling for breaths. If the person is breathing, move them into the recovery position to keep their airway open. Regularly check that they're still breathing and their airway remains open.

If someone has a broken bone:

Encourage the person to support the injury with their hand, or use something to stop unnecessary movement. Stay with them until help arrives.

These simple measures could help save lives! Some say they want First Aid training to be part of the UK driving test! If first aid were part of the driving test, it would ensure motorists have the knowledge of simple first aid skills which could help save lives. Not only on the roads, but in many other emergency scenarios too!

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