Product Change Notice - New Carry Case for HeartSine Samaritan PAD & Trainer


Physio-Control, now part of Stryker, continues to develop highly innovative Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) for public access, while providing a high level of customer support. To that end, they are continually making improvements which make it necessary from time to time to make minor modifications to some of the products and accessories.

Their most recent change is to the soft Carry Case for the HeartSine samaritan PAD and Trainer devices. The Carry Case has been redesigned to enable the AED to be used more quickly in an emergency. With the new design, there are three key changes:

  • The outer green tab and yellow flap have been removed to enable direct access to the green pull tab of the Pad-Pak™.

  • The case now opens horizontally, like a book, rather than vertically for more intuitive access.

  • The black plastic grip has been eliminated from the handle to make the case lighter.

Images of the current Carry Case and the new Carry Case are shown below:

New HeartSine Carry Case

The new Carry Case will be included with shipments on the following timeline:

- HeartSine samaritan PAD Carry Case

Pending depletion of the inventory of current Carry Cases, devices shipped towards the end of the year (2017) will include the new Carry Case.

- Trainer Carry Case

Trainers will be shipped with the current Carry Case until mid-2018, after which time the Trainer will be shipped with the new style. There are/will be no changes to the catalog numbers for devices and spare Carry Case. Any new marketing                      material will be updated to include photos of the new case.

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Image displaying a New Carry Case for HeartSine Defibrillators.

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