Network Rail - HeartSafe Employer


During 2014 Network Rail took the responsible decision to become a HeartSafe Employer and install defibrillators across their entire estate. This was at the direct instruction of the CEO, Mark Carne. Mark joined Network Rail in 2014 from the oil industry with his focus very much on health and safety in the workplace.

As part of this he wanted to ensure the business could respond positively to life threatening events and therefore requested that the business look to install defibrillators in as many locations as possible across the UK.

Following a rigorous procurement process HeartSine Samaritan Defibrillators were selected. The resulting contract was for the supply and installation of AEDs including the identification of the siting locations on site, the number of units required for each premises and the maintenance requirements over the life of the AED.

Following award in December 2014 there was an initial enabling period and work started in earnest in January 2015. Site surveys, delivery and installation of the initial roll out to 400 properties was carried out over 3 months. The project then proceeded to the second phase; rolling out face to face training across Network Rail staff throughout the UK.

Network Rail selected defibrillators from the only British manufacturer, HeartSine. The Samaritan 350P has a 8-year manufacturer’s warranty, is specifically designed for public access and is the lightest and most compact unit available with the highest dust and water resistant rating available – IP 56.

Over the following years of this contract we will continue to support Network Rail’s defibrillation capability ensuring they are always ready to respond to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). This is in line with their aims “everyone fit for the future” and “everyone home safe, every day.”

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