It’s Showtime...


Aero Healthcare are excited to once again be exhibiting at a number of shows in 2022.  And, our show teams are looking forward to strengthening our business partnership with existing customers and having the opportunity to meet and connect with new prospective customers too.  In addition to meeting new customers.  The shows also allow Aero to advise and impart essential first aid and healthcare knowledge for the relevant industries and maintain our promise to ‘reduce preventable deaths’.
Exhibitions present an opportunity to enhance existing relationships, showcase new and improved products, to share relevant and key first aid and healthcare knowledge to each business sector.  Aero Healthcare will have the sectors most relevant products on their stands to demonstrate at each show, but should you have a specific product of interest, just let us know and we will set aside some time to present it to you.   


Novotel London Hammersmith - 21 April 2022
 The Leading Local Government Procurement Event (LGPE) was welcomed by many after a challenging couple of years for most local governments.  With changes to how we work day to day, and the need for an exceptionally fast and reliable turnaround for vital equipment, Aero Healthcare’s Global buying power and established supply chains have enabled vital first aid needs to be supplied throughout.
An in-depth understanding of the sector and extensive experience in working with local governments, has shaped Aero Healthcare’s sector knowledge and the ability to share best practice insights.  And, this is now influencing the range of products we are showcasing at the LGPE show such as defibrillators, the hybrid kit, hand and surface wipes, and our premium and economy first aid ranges.


AeroKit™, is the new premium first aid kit with Surefill™ innovative refill system.  Directly addressing consumer data which strongly highlights the ‘uselessness’ of first aid kits with plasters that do not stick and end-user complaints relating to disorganised first-aid kits; AeroKit™ is already welcomed by business customers across the globe. 
The first kit Incorporates Aero Healthcare’s Surefill™; a four pouch tent refill system that organizes its premium quality contents for maximum protection and accessibility; the entire kit has just one expiry date, enabling simple, easy replenishment with just one refill pouch. 

And, comprising of the ‘worlds stickiest plaster’ AeroPlast™ with its SupaBond™ extra strong adhesive, along with an array of enhanced first aid staples, AeroKit’s time saving and practical solution invites significant repeat purchases upon expiration.
The uniquely comprehensive Surefill™ refill pouch meets the regulatory requirements for many different industry sectors, and the range includes British Standard First Aid Kits, HSE First Aid Kits, Eye Wash and Burns Kits, Body Fluid, Protection and Travel Kits.

A-Care™ range

The A-Care™ Economy Fabric range is a light fabric elastic dressing with hypoallergenic adhesive and is recommended where a comfortable and durable plaster is required. This range features, latex-free material, stretchy fabric, conforming and air-permeable fabric backing, and a comprehensive range of sizes and applications
A-Care™ Fabric dressings provide good adhesion and conformance to body contours whilst keeping the wound clean and comfortable. There is a dressing for any application with specialized fingertip and knuckle dressings, large and small patches, standard, and extra-wide plasters.

The range extends to detectable blue plasters that comply with food hygiene requirements and the A-Care™ Wash Proof range which is made of materials that bend, stretch, and conform to different shapes and forms. The plasters are also air permeable which means the wound is able to breathe as it heals.

Hand and Surface Wipes

Once again leading the way for safety and the environment, Aero Healthcare were proud to launch the only natural fibre, biodegradable wipe that is enclosed in 100% recyclable packaging in 2021.  And, first to solve a real–world need, the eco-friendly hand and surface wipes provide 99.99% protection against bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus; whilst also enabling full eco-friendly disposal of both the wipe and packaging.
The wipes are made from compostable biodegradable fibres and tested to European Standard efficacies.  Covering bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, chemical disinfectants and antiseptic abilities; the wipes provide a cost effective single solution for protecting employees and helping the environment, whilst not compromising on safety. 
The antibacterial and anti-viral hand and surface wipe is keenly priced, durable for wide-range use, and environmentally friendly.  The ecologically sound wipes also enable ethical business practices to adhere to their corporate social responsibility pledges and recycling goals, with potential business gains backed up with supply chain assurance.

Offshore Wind Connection Show

The Spa, Bridlington -  27th and 28th April
A leading offshore wind event, this high profile show attracts both regional, national and international delegates who come together to network, socialize and become immersed in this exciting and fast moving sector.
Already a supplier of life saving equipment to many of the businesses in this diverse sector, Aero Healthcare will be showcasing three main elements of first aid equipment, that have been uniquely designed to save lives in the remote and isolated offshore locations. 

Global Wind Organisation Trauma Bag

With very unique and specific regulations set by the GWO to ensure that health safety and first aid requirements are met, it is stipulated that to comply in full, offshore locations must have an enhanced first aid provision.  This is satisfied in full by Aero HealthCare’s partnership with Comtec and the creation of their advanced Trauma Kit.
The extensive first aid kit includes a defibrillator, pulse oximeter, haemostatic dressings, a rapid stop tourniquet and cervical immobilizer, in addition to splints, a duo fold stretcher and the more general first aid plasters, bandages and eye wash solutions all in one first aid bag.

Hybrid Trauma Kit

Applying the correct wound care is the first step in effective first aid and the Hybrid Trauma Kit makes it easy!
Following a traumatic event, Aero Healthcare’s exclusive Hybrid Trauma Kit combines Defibrillator & First Aid tools to equip rescuers with the essential items to treat major bleeds to the arms and legs and a sudden cardiac arrest. 
The hard case of the Hybrid Trauma Kit contains a HeartSine Defibrillator and ensures the AED is protected against extreme weather whilst working in remote and inhospitable locations.  The Impact Resistant case is crushproof, dust proof, water proof, lightweight and has bespoke thermal protection foam.  The defibrillator and additional Burns, Trauma, and Eye Wound modules, in addition to dressings and bandages, are then stored in the one easily portable case.


Aero Healthcare, are the master distributors of the most technically advanced defibrillators in the UK.   Selecting the correct defibrillator for a complex and isolated location is key when preventing an unnecessary death in an emergency.  Aero Healthcare’s specialist teams take the time to fully understand every individual requirement.  Pairing each unit’s location and operating environment with the most suitable defibrillator features and support, ensures that the device provided really is both fit for purpose and quick to deploy.
Different AED functionalities are required to fit with a wide range of diverse variables.  Aero Healthcare’s longstanding partnership with Stryker, the manufacturers of the extensive HeartSine and LifePak ranges, guarantees all needs can be catered for.   Easy to follow instructions with just one or two buttons to press, run across the complete easy to use portfolio.  And, benefits can include intuitive visual and verbal prompting and the fastest charging times available on the market; crucial when every second counts. 
For additional support and reassurance in a cardiac arrest emergency, some defibrillators can automatically provide guidance for CPR compression efficiency and include a metronome to help regulate the compression speed.  Aero provide experience, information, training and support so that each customer can save lives in an emergency.  

EVO Live

Elland Road Stadium, Leeds - 10th May 2022
The EVO Live event brings together one of the largest networks of public sector, trade and corporate individuals that encompass a range of sales, marketing, distribution and procurement roles.  Aero Healthcare are delighted to be exhibiting at this prestigious event. 
Aero Healthcare’s expertise, premium product range and surety of supply has gained the company national trade, media and commercial recognition in recent times.  Exhibiting at EVO Live will enable the team to further support both existing and new customers, as they advise and guide them through the complexities of the ever changing health, safety and first aid regulations.  In addition, they will be demonstrating the quality and cost effectiveness of A-Care Kits, AeroKit, Defibrillators and eco-friendly Hand and Surface Wipes.

Safety and Health Expo

ExCel, London - 17th to 19th May
For three days, thousands of Health and Safety professionals will attend the UK’s largest dedicated Health and Safety Event.  As a global leader in the First Aid and Healthcare industry, Aero Healthcare will be exhibiting and sharing their passion to innovate and collaborate with industry leaders as they bring their top class products and unrivaled knowledge to the fore. 
Taking centre stage the AeroKit range, A-Care Kits, Hybrid Trauma Kit, Defibrillators, Bleed Control Kits and eco-friendly Hand and Surface Wipes will be available for all stand visitors to see and test.

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