Introducing the Lifepak CR2 USB


The Lifepak CR2 USB is successor to the popular CR Plus range and enhances Physio-Control’s reputation as a leader in life-saving device innovation. 
With an impressive IP rating of 55 and a simple user interface for quick and easy use in emergency situations, regardless of user training experience, this self-testing AED is perfect for organisations wanting top-of-the-range lifesaving capability without the addition of Wi-FI functionality.


The Lifepak CR2 USB self-tests either daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on requirements. This ensures your equipment is always ready for use and there will be no emergency situations you will not be able to handle. 

New technology

The Lifepak CR2 USB features innovative ClearVoice Technology, automatically adapting the volume of voice prompts so that they are clear and heard in any environment. This is extremely useful when combined with cprCOACH Technology, which provides CPR coaching on correct technique and compression depth for both adult and paediatric patients. Responders are further assisted by the metronome that provides a tone of 104bpm to help keep a consistent rhythm whilst delivering CPR. 
The CR2 USB also features a Child Mode, which can be engaged with the press of a button . This is a small but extremely significant feature, reducing the need to change electrode pads or insert a key - saving priceless time. 

For more information on the Lifepak CR2 USB from Physio Control take a look here

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