How to Transition to a National Procurement Framework


There are a lot of benefits to joining a national framework for emergency services. Especially with first aid and medical equipment, which will be used in life-critical situations, ensuring product consistency and robust delivery and support is essential. 

Other benefits of national procurement frameworks include pre-arranged contracts, constant product improvements, price stability and year-on-year service level agreement increases that can add a level of security to your financial forecasts. Emergency services deal with rapidly changing situations constantly and by adopting a framework that delivers bespoke solutions unique to your organisation, you can mitigate the risk of compliance issues, equipment shortages and changes in policy in the short, mid and long-term.

Traditional onboarding
Traditional onboarding can be a time consuming and resource heavy process. There is a lot of data and documentation that has to be collected before your organisation can purchase goods and services. On top of this, independent onboarding also requires a lot of vetting and validation to ensure potential suppliers are 100% compliant with laws, regulations and the standards of your organisation. 

Without an effective onboarding program in place, emergency services can find themselves unable to take advantage of supplier information and faced with rising costs. In the uncertain economic and political situation that the UK is currently in any form of instability should be viewed with trepidation. 

Transitioning to a national procurement framework
Moving over to a national framework, like the one that Aero provides, can help make the onboarding process as easy as possible. We have the experience and the knowledge of many years to make the transition straightforward, compliant and pain free. 
When you choose us for your first aid supplies and medical equipment, we will conduct a comprehensive review of your existing processes. When we have completed our detailed assessment, we can then move forward with crafting your bespoke solution. 

We use a systematised four-step process to ensure admin and expenditure is kept to a minimum. 

1) We meet with a selection of stakeholders to review samples of potential products, in order to guarantee your needs are met

2) Working alongside you, we will review your despatch and delivery requirements, allowing us to choose the optimal delivery method for your organisation

3) Once delivery needs have been established and agreed, we can work on lead times for non-stock lines and impress stock, ensuring you have access to critical products such as defibrillator consumables

4) The final step is to ensure the correct communications lines are set up, thereby optimising your transaction process

Within the first few weeks of the agreement, we will suggest a series of management review meetings. These ensure that expectations are being met and that further review meetings can be set. This highly flexible approach, as well as an innovative stock control system, offer the security of knowing that time-critical emergency supplies can be provided and delivered at short notice. 

For more information on our national procurement framework and the onboarding process in general, read our guide, Navigating Procurement in the Emergency Services

How to Transition to a National Procurement Framework

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