How to Optimise Your First Aid SKUs According to Industry


First aid is often one of the most unloved and under-optimised categories for distributors. 
This is often due to the enormous amount of first aid products and kits available on the market. It is common practice to combat this excess of choice by stocking large numbers of different products in order to cater to diverse industries but this often  has the side-effect of confusing customers, cluttering catalogues and providing poor website experiences for purchasers.
When it comes to optimising your first aid offering you can maximise your efficiency by consolidating your product line and tailoring SKU’s to specific industries:

Food and beverage industry -

Generally lower risk, with a risk of cuts, wounds and burns. Thus, a high demand for blue detectable plasters.

Higher risk industries (industrial, automotive) -

High-risk environments, in particular industrial workplaces (factories etc) require large numbers of consumables, specifically eye-patches, emergency blankets, burns kits, body fluid spill kits and eyewash. Solo workers and automotive drivers will have similar needs, including critical injury packs, but in naturally smaller quantities. 

Office-based industries -

Generally low risk environments, there will be an infrequent need for some first aid consumables but demand for plasters. 

Once you have identified the demands of each separate sector there are several best practices you can follow to ensure maximum efficiency. First of all, make sure each product is coded to the sector it is supplied to. Second, think closely about the types of professions that need and use your products - are they exposed to the elements? Do they work in remote locations? Perhaps waterproof and Wi-Fi connected equipment would add value to them. By questioning buyer motivations like this you can uncover all sorts of opportunities. 

Last of all, get help! Our dedicated account managers are experts in their perspective categories and can help you help your customers get the most from your product lines. 
First aid is one of the most underperforming categories for many distributors and we want to help you realise its extraordinary potential. For more detailed advice check out our new guide, ‘Organising Your First Aid Inventory: Unleashing Your Sales Potential’.

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