How more public access first aid equipment will help save lives


When the Manchester Arena tragedy happened, a great number of brave people stayed behind to help the injured and dying. 
These courageous people had little to no first aid training but their emergency response was second to none. Without their admirable decision to stay behind and help others many more lives would have been lost. 
There are many recollections of the Manchester tragedy, some of which are recorded here in this BBC article, where these first responders had to make do with bits of clothing and merchandise to use as bandages or tourniquets. This suggests a lack of preparation on the part of the venue, and an even wider problem – an insufficient amount of first aid equipment in public areas where these attacks are more likely to occur. 

The dire need for more public access lifesaving equipment

There are two lessons here that need to be learned: we need far more first aid equipment in public places, and far more members of the public need to be trained in first aid. 
With easy access to equipment such as tourniquets and bleed control kits, as well intuitive smart-tech defibrillator CPR technologies such as cprINSIGHT, we will be better equipped and better prepared when something like this happens. The brave people who decide to stay behind and help will be able to save more lives and have more of an impact. 
Training and prepping public citizens for such events is also a necessity. Being able to administer CPR or treat severe bleeding should be taught at an early age so we all know how to react to minimise casualties. 
Brig Tim Hodgetts, medical director of the Defence Medical Services, said; “We don’t know when the next incident will be that will involve blasts or gunshots so we need a critical mass of the general public to learn these first aid skills.”
The faster we can put a plan in place to achieve this, the safer we will all be.

To find out more life-saving equipment and CPR training, download our guide: How to Save a Life.

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