BS or HSE first aid kit, which do you need?


Having confidence that your company is equipped with the right first aid products in order to meet health and safety regulations can be a difficult task. Companies either have the choice to purchase first aid kits that comply with British Standard 8599 (BS), or to make their own individual needs assessment and decide on a kit that has contents which either meet with or exceed these needs. The latter can be a complex and frustrating task, and the resultant kits, while they comply with HSE regulations, do not meet the higher standards of BS kits.
Deciding on a BS kit is a clear and simple way to be sure that you have the right products to comply with health and safety regulations. Recognised around the world for supporting due diligence, BS products give assurance to employers that they are fulfilling their duty of care to their employees.

How BS compliant kits stack up against HSE kits

BS kits have:

  • More disposable gloves, which are nitrile, eliminating risk of latex allergy
  • Fewer triangular bandages
  • Dressings for finger wounds included
  • Water based, sterile gel burn dressing included
  • Clothing cutters included
  • Resuscitation face shields included to form protective barrier during resuscitation
  • Foil survival blankets included

Sterile saline wipes included in place of alcohol wipes as the latter cannot be used on broken skin
First aid kits that comply with British Standards include not only more provisions to keep your staff safe, but they are also in line with updated health and safety regulations. This means the items found in these kits are more relevant, and are able to deliver higher quality care to your employees. For example, BS kits can respond to hypothermia, and carry larger quantities of most frequently used items. While these kits cost more, they provide a more comprehensive level of care to you and your staff.

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