Aero Healthcare UK New Website Launch


Welcome to our new and improved website, a complete overhaul of our previous site. Aero Healthcare’s ultimate goal is to become more seamless globally with our business partners in Australia, USA, Germany and New Zealand. In time, Aero will become one soul brand across all media and platforms. Our vision is to be accepted as the global leader in the first aid and consumer wound care sector.

This new website offers the latest in design and flexibility across all devices including mobile and tablet, the speed of the site is lightning quick and has a host of different content you can explore. Such as, regularly updated news stories, our entire product range, the past, present and future of Aero Healthcare, exclusive member’s only area, resources and marketing material, FAQ’s, video content and even career opportunities. There really is a lot to explore.

In the foreseeable future we will introduce a portal based e-commerce shopping system where you can buy Aero products through our website and produce orders of any size which can be purchased purely online using the Worldpay platform. We will continue to provide the very best aftersales and technical support following any purchase. You may notice some gradual changes on the website, but do not be alarmed, you are in safe hands.

Feel free to look around!

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