Aero Healthcare - Why The Re-Brand...


Who We Are:

Aero Healthcare is a renowned global brand in the Healthcare, First Aid and First Response markets worldwide. The brand is synonymous with quality products, outstanding service, and value for money.

We have already secured a high standing place in the international first aid market, allowing us to embrace new technologies, realise opportunities and introduce new products to market quickly. The security and status that comes from our position allows us to expand our sourcing ability and provide economies-of-scale.

Manufacturing our own proprietary branded products gives us control over research & development and supply chains. Therefore, allowing us to deliver a better user experience and more effective outcomes.

Why The Rebrand:

Since 2000 we have gained mastery of the Australasian first aid market and made significant penetration in Europe and the USA.

As with any growing company, products and branding evolve and in 2015 the decision was taken to undertake a global re-brand to bring everything together under one strong global corporate identity. This has established a clear platform for further growth of product and service development alike.

Where We’re Going:

Our vision is to be the accepted global leader in the First Aid and Consumer Wound Care sector, manufacturing products that deliver superior outcomes and generate strong brand loyalty.

The global re-brand marks the spring point for our next phase of global growth which will be secured through our core values and behaviours:

Integrity - We are a company of strong principles and are honest and transparent in our business dealings. We can be trusted to be fully compliant with current and future regulatory requirements.

Professionalism - We take pride in our products and service and demonstrate clear leadership within the First Aid and Consumer Wound Care category.

Innovation – We invest in research & development to manufacture products that are simply better. We embrace change across the board and constantly focus on opportunity.

Energy - We are enthusiastic, have a ‘can do’ culture and have a collective desire to succeed commercially through the commitment and energy of our people.
We trust this inspires you as clients, employees and suppliers to join us on our journey throughout 2017 and beyond.

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