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The 2016 Emergency Services Show

The Emergency Services Show is the UK’s annual event for all emergency services personnel, companies and businesses in the wider health and safety sector to exhibit and network together. This... > More

Aero Healthcare UK New Website Launch

Welcome to our new and improved website, a complete overhaul of our previous site. Aero Healthcare’s ultimate goal is to become more seamless globally with our business partners in Australia,... > More

Clayton First Aid Acquisition

Aero Healthcare is enthused to announce that we acquired Clayton First Aid in July 2015 bringing two strong brands together as one. The Clayton heritage dates back to the end of the First World... > More

Network Rail - HeartSafe Employer

During 2014 Network Rail took the responsible decision to become a HeartSafe Employer and install defibrillators across their entire estate. This was at the direct instruction of the CEO, Mark Carne.... > More

Training on Defibrillators to be Included on the EFAW and FAW Syllabus

Here at Aero Healthcare we aim to keep you constantly up-to-date with all industry based news. This latest news update relates to changes to The Resuscitation Council UK guidelines on cardiopulmonary... > More

Brayden - The First Manikin That Helps You Visualise the Effects of CPR

Brayden have manufactured “the first manikin that helps you visualise the effects of CPR.” It builds confidence, promotes understanding and aids knowledge retention. Furthermore, Aero... > More

Family Donate Defibrillators for Use in Road Policing Vehicles in Memory of Son, Keiran McKandie, 16

Before we start this news story, we would just like to spare a thought for Keiran’s parents, Gordon and Sandra, for their tremendous bravery and courageous work they are doing amid this great... > More

Heartsine AED Saves Life at Frenchman's Beach - New South Wales, Australia

Bystanders and Lifeguards with a Heartsine Defibrillator have saved a surfer's life at Frenchman's Beach in the Caves Beach area south of Newcastle. The 65-year-old was leaving... > More

Welsh Police Help to Save Life of a Maerdy Man With HeartSine Defibrillator

Recently a man from the village of Maerdy in the Rhondda Valley had his life saved by local Policemen using a HeartSine defibrillator that is housed in a HeartSafe® public access cabinet.... > More

Aero Healthcare - Why The Re-Brand...

Who We Are: Aero Healthcare is a renowned global brand in the Healthcare, First Aid and First Response markets worldwide. The brand is synonymous with quality products, outstanding service, and... > More

HeartSine samaritan PAD 350P

Why Should You Invest in a Defibrillator?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is one of the leading causes of death globally. In the UK alone, it kills more people than breast cancer or lung cancer, claiming the lives of 250 people every day. SCA... > More

Tips for Using a Defibrillator (AED)

Tips for Using a Defibrillator (AED)

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a device that gives the heart an electric shock when someone’s heartbeat becomes irregular or the heart has stopped (Sudden Cardiac Arrest). AEDs... > More

HeartSine Staff With Defibrillator

Research Proves Community AEDs and CPR Training Is Effective

Research published this month in the European Resuscitation Council's official journal Resuscitation examines communities out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest data, before and after running... > More

Image displaying a New Carry Case for HeartSine Defibrillators.

Product Change Notice - New Carry Case for HeartSine Samaritan PAD & Trainer

Physio-Control, now part of Stryker, continues to develop highly innovative Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) for public access, while providing a high level of customer support. To that end,... > More

Car Crash Incident Scene.

Road Safety Week 2017: First Aid Points You Should Know

Remember STOP… LOOK… LISTEN? Do you wait for the green man, look 3 times before crossing, listen for oncoming traffic? This advice is important as part of accident prevention, but there... > More

Spring Newsletter Roundup

Welcome to our Spring newsletter round up As we welcome the first rays of sun, at last, we wanted to share with you to the first edition of the Aero Healthcare newsletter. Read on and... > More

Aero Healthcare defibrillator

[Press Release] Putting Safety At The “Heart” Of Facilities Management

What do you offer to your customers? Cleaning services, hygiene supplies and furniture? If so, check out our recent press release here But what about medical devices that can mean the difference... > More

Aero defibrillator guide

A Guide to Defibrillators - How You Can Save a Life

How you can save a life - (Defibrillator Guide) Recently, we've launched a campaign that aims to increase awareness around the use and importance of defibrillators. It's a damning fact that... > More

Aero Healthcare defibrillator checklist

[Checklist] Key considerations when investing in a defibrillator

What questions do you need to ask yourself? Did you know, very year more than seven million people globally suffer from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) with no warning. And, only five to 10% of... > More

Paramedic's at a crash site in middle of the road

Critical injury packs - saving lives by controlling blood loss

We've already discussed the steps required to ensure your workplace first aid practices are up to date with the latest British Standards (BS) guidelines and the key changes to the latest... > More

A red first aid kit

How to ensure your First Aid kit meets workplace health and safety standards

In 2015 HSE overhauled its recommendations for first aid kits in the workplace and included reference to BS 8599 - 1. Although there isn't a mandatory list of items to include in a first aid box,... > More

A first aid product production line in a large warehouse

Top tips to increase the sales of your first aid products

First aid products are a necessity for businesses and consumers across the UK, and there is great earning potential in the sale of these products. Recognising the potential within your client base is... > More

A large warehouse full of products

Checklist: Key considerations for reducing the number of first aid SKUs in your catalogues

We understand that as a distributor, offering first aid products to your customers is a necessity that can be daunting because of the wealth of products and first aid kits available. By stocking... > More

A person suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)

Sudden Cardiac Arrest - improving survivability through awareness

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) affects approximately seven million people every year. Of those people, only 5-10% survive. SCA can strike at any time, to any person, of any age with no warning.... > More

A person applying dressing to a wound

Are your first aid kits meeting the new British Standards guidelines?

The British Standards Institute (BSI) has updated its guidelines for the contents of first aid kits, going into effect as of 10th January 2019. As first aid measures are ever evolving in the... > More

Safety & Health Expo

Aero Exhibiting at Safety & Health Expo 2019

We will be joining 14,000 professionals at ExCel London for Europe's leading health and safety event - Safety & Health Expo, from the 18th to the 20th of June. At Aero, we have built our... > More